Class Prophecy: BSSW 2013 Central Philippine University

By: Ma. Berlyn Rose D. Tampuhan, Class President

What momentous mysteries lie hidden in the depth of a simple pool of water! What celestial marvels lie beyond the flight of a falling star! These two things, a pool of water and a falling star, are, in distance, so separated, so far apart that the human mind cannot encompass readily the two.

THE AUTHOR. No, she isn't  playing a guitar or singing a song. She is about to  turn over the key the responsibility  to  the Junior Class president.

THE AUTHOR. No, she isn’t playing a guitar or singing a song. She is about to turn over the key the responsibility to the Junior Class president.

Yet an intricate association exists between them. The star–a life-giving sun–nourishes the growth of these minute creatures that inhabit a pool of water, and without it they die. And somewhere in the vastness of these mysteries of heaven and earth the human mind seeks a purpose, a destiny.

Ten years had passed but I can still remember how my classmates posted their comments on my facebook account when I posted these questions: What will I be 10 yrs from now? Will I be the next DSWD secretary? The next lady general of the Arm Forces of the Philippines? Will I be a lawyer? Or a social worker who will perform her duty as an agent and advocate of change? But Billy said he wants me to be a commander of the NPA. How about you Jenny Delada? Cristy Aguirre? Jhon Joseph Oliquino? Joy Decinilla? Billy Esmino? Clyde Cabular? Mary Rose Tablazon? Jancy Balairos? Catherine Pabora? Joshua Quimpo? And the rest of the Social Work Class 2013?

Those names I have mentioned were the names of my classmates, that moment I was just about to start writing our class prophecy. And all of them were so excited to give me their answer, all of us wanted to be a registered social worker. Yes, those dreams were simple but it will take a thousand of courage to achieve those simple dreams of us.

SW3After we left CPU, we haven’t seen each other anymore, we walked a different path, and we continued searching for our own journey. When I passed the board exam in June 2013 and became a registered social worker, I was employed in V.Luna Hospital for three years as a social worker of the Army Support Group Unit of those Filipino soldiers who have a war shocked. I finished my master’s degree in counselling at UP Diliman and became a guidance counselor of the Philippine Military Academy, after 5 yrs of serving the country I decided to search my fate abroad; I became a medical social worker in Canada, after a year of working there I decided to go back in the Philippines to continue serving the Filipinos.

And I am so happy when I met Jenny Delada at the NAIA Terminal 3 who was also a registered social worker and currently working as an advocate of anti human trafficking in the US. We had 3 hrs left before our flight going to Iloilo so we still had a time to talk. She told me that her husband Judah Leigh Fabito, also a registered social worker, is now in the Afghanistan and a member of a Peace Corps there. Wow, the couple did a great job. They had a very successful career same as with their relationship. It’s been a long time since I left Philippines. I really missed my country. I really missed Filipino dishes.

SW6When I checked my watch, it’s already lunchtime so I stopped by a restaurant to ate my lunch. There, I saw a lady in the counter with her red backless dress. As she smiled at me, I noticed her familiar looks. Yes, it was Dothel Satur, OMG! Who can ever tell that the Maria Clara of the class during our college days turned into gorgeous woman? Dothel was married to a Japanese businessman, according to her after 5 yrs of practicing her profession she realized that social work is not for her but rather she was fitted in the world of business. She owned a five star hotel in Iloilo City and the owner of Mang Inasal- Guimbal.

I was about to leave when my phone rang, It was my best friend Catherine Pabora. She invited me to go over her condominium to spend overnight there. She fetched me at the restaurant and, while we were riding in her car, she exclaimed to me how excited she was for the Grand Opening of her boutique shop next month. It seems like yesterday when she told me that she wanted to be an international model and a fashion designer. But look at her now? She had now her own boutique selling clothes which she personally designed.

SW5Kat is a registered social worker, yet she found the true happiness in the world of modelling and fashion designing. But she never forget her profession because she supports a Children’s foundation. ‘Twas almost 30 min. when we reached her condo unit due to the heavy traffic in the City. I was smiling when I was looking at our old pictures. I really missed my cool and jolly classmates. ”Hay, daw sang san’o lang” (It doesn’t seem so long). It was exactly 6:00 in the evening when Kat told me to dress up because we will have a dinner in Smallville Iloilo. It was just a minute ago when I was wishing if we could see each other again; that we could laugh with our corny jokes again, and we could tap each other for a job well done. Almost of our class was present that night.

(To be continued)

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